WHO IS RG24seven

RG24seven is the industry’s best, certified, online, interactive Responsible Gaming training. The training is supported by world class experts and driven by a team of innovative course designers.

RG24seven compliance-grade RG training not only ensures that your team or organization is compliant to all jurisdictional regulations but reinforces your stance on social, safety and responsibility issues. 


Configured to role-based needs, the training covers everything around Responsible Gaming, from 15 minutes for a simple on-boarding course to 5+ hours for a more in-depth look. Importantly a portion of not just our profit, but our revenue, is being returned to our partners for Responsible Gaming training and education.


Born from more than a decade of consulting, education and training industry-wide. RG24seven virtual training is created by the industry for the industry and features some of the world's leading experts on Responsible Gaming.


Our vision is to provide the world's leading Responsible Gaming training - while giving back to our partners for Responsible Gaming research and prevention.

Our mission - To do good, by being good!


Simple and easy to use. Track, measure and monitor training at every stage. Compliance-grade certified training that stays up-to-date and provides your company with everything you need to know on Responsible Gaming.

As the global gaming industry grows and evolves, every single global gaming jurisdiction that has
not already done so, will require organizations to have a Responsible Gaming profile.

Just as important, our growing workforce of Millennials and Gen Zs are demanding that the places they work and frequent as patrons are
good corporate citizens. RG24seven provides insight, relevant data, facts and figures to support your Responsible Gaming messaging.
The video training is created and delivered by industry experts and is an immersive and interactive experience.





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