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Bringing free and effective responsible gaming education to the global gaming community

By Wendy Anderson

RG24seven, A BMM Innovation Group Company, is a compliance-grade virtual education and training platform for gaming employees. Our training is completely free of charge, ensuring that every single person in our industry has access to essential courses in Responsible Gaming, Anti-Money Laundering, Human Trafficking Awareness and a host of topics related to the gaming and casino industry.

So, why Responsible Gaming training for employees?

We understood early on, that educating employees on Responsible Gambling and the impacts of Problem Gambling, could have a positive effect not just on patrons and their families, but on employees, casino businesses, communities, and the gaming industry as a whole. From Australia to Europe, we were seeing Governments impose large fines, more rules and restrictions, motivating us to take positive action and create employee training that met and exceeded the highest regulations.

Conversations with peers and industry associations during my time as Chief of Staff at BMM Testlabs, led to the realization of the critical need for gaming employees around the world to understand the concepts of Responsible Gaming. Not just a means to fulfill a regulatory requirement, but a genuine desire to protect our industry through education.

Our goal was to provide real-time and valuable knowledge to gaming employees, giving them the insight to recognize and escalate problem gambling issues properly. At the same time, we wanted to ensure that gaming companies could prove their commitment to Responsible Gaming to the regulators, through a robust reporting system that documented learners had not only taken the required training courses, but actually understood the content.

The absence of a global standardized training platform prompted us to create a unique solution, one that harnessed the power of technology to transform the gaming landscape. By October 2022, we had fully developed RG24seven Virtual Training, our revolutionary company dedicated to providing free Responsible Gaming training through short-form videos created and presented by industry experts.

Video-based Learning – Effective & Accessible

The genesis of RG24seven stemmed from three simple yet transformative principles: effectiveness, responsibility, and accessibility. We used these principles as the blueprint for RG24seven, virtual training for the industry, by the industry.

By leveraging a video-based Learning Management System (LMS) we quickly realized the potential to not only make learning more effective – faster, cheaper and considerably more engaging, through videos, but also to reach a global audience simultaneously. The LMS allowed for us to track, measure, and monitor learner progress in real-time with reports, meeting compliance requirements with ease.

Responsible Gaming is at the heart of our mission

In the beginning, we concentrated on Responsible Gaming training, which continues to be an incredibly relevant and important issue. However, there are many other important matters casino employees need to understand. The industry has had an overwhelmingly positive response to RG24seven, so it was only a matter of time before we received requests to cover other topics.

From its inception, RG24seven Virtual Training focused on collaboration with industry experts. What initially began with Responsible Gaming training courses soon expanded to cover Anti-Money Laundering, Compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Trafficking, Tribal Gaming, and a host of other topics. This expansion solidified RG24seven as a comprehensive resource, helping gaming employees to understand all aspects of the industry’s responsible and ethical practices.

Still, Responsible Gaming is at the heart of RG24seven’s mission. Responsible Gaming embodies the commitment to fostering a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for both employees and patrons. Understanding the potential impact of problem gambling on individuals and businesses, RG24seven Virtual Training aims to create conscientious advocates within the industry who can champion Responsible Gaming practices.

So why is RG24seven Virtual Training free?

What truly sets RG24seven Virtual Training apart is our commitment to provide world-class training completely free. This altruistic approach reflects the company’s vision of safeguarding the gaming industry’s integrity and reputation and allows the BMM Innovation Group a way to ‘give-back’ to the industry that has supported it for 42+ years.

By offering our training at no cost, RG24seven ensures that every employee, from every corner of the globe, has access to the highest-quality training that aligns with the industry’s best practices.

Cutting Edge & Comprehensive

One of RG24seven’s distinctive features is our cutting-edge training platform, designed to be easily accessible, immersive, and interactive. Employees can engage with the content via desktop, mobile, or tablet devices, allowing them to learn on their own time at their own pace. The virtual training platform offers video-based training, available at all times. In the same way, managers can effortlessly assign training and monitor progress, making compliance a streamlined process.

The RG24seven team continues to add and update courses regularly. We consistently audit and update RG24seven content to ensure we have the most up-to-date and relevant information for our learners.

Recently, we created the best-in-class AML training in conjunction with the AGA and collaborated with the Blue Campaign at The Department of Homeland Security to create two new Human Trafficking Awareness courses for gaming employees. We are currently working with experts at BMM Testlabs on compliance-based courses. Our ever-growing course catalog includes Tribal gaming specific courses and 101 courses on everything from slot machines to historical horse racing and sports betting to compliance and regulations.

2023 and beyond

We are grateful to have collaborated with so many incredible talented people in our industry. The best and brightest in gaming have helped us to make RG24seven truly the best gaming employee training available today.

As 2023 unfolds, RG24seven looks forward to developing even more relevant and engaging content and continuing to share our training solution with every single employee in the global gaming industry – for free!

For more information on RG24seven, or for a demo of the training, please contact


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